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You may have several reasons to re-brand. One prominent factor is to connect with new and existing customers. Re branding is great for the business if you would like to create a new image for your brand. 

There are two types of re-branding: one is Proactive re-branding and the other is Reactive re-branding. Proactive re-branding is done when a company recognises that there is an opportunity to grow, innovate, tap into new businesses or customers, and to reconnect with its users.

We will ask questions such as:

  • What is the purpose of your re-brand?

  • What image would you like to convey to your existing customer?

  • Do you want to target a new audience? 

  • Do you want to keep any areas of your current brand the same?

Design & Branding


We create  designs for print, packaging and digital usage and many more areas.


We can help you create a new logo or redesign an existing one.


Digital design, email newsletter design, blog artwork design, infographic design, digital concepts design & more.


Banner adverts, artwork for social media accounts, Social Media visual identity and design.

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Brand strategy

Kazu's Branding strategies are the action plans that organisations use to differentiate their products, services, and identities from their competitors.

Essentially, a brand strategy is your long-term brand, which helps to identify what kind of image you want to build for your customers. 


Overall Brand Strategy

- Brand Heart

- Brand Vision

- Brand Mission Statement

- Core strengths

- Brand values

- Brand messaging ( voice, tone, personality )

- Messaging pillars- Visual Identity, Logo Design, Colour, Typography

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About Us

We’re a Sussex based full service creative agency which means we can tackle any aspect of your business, whether you have been established for 50 years or are wanting to launch a new brand we can help you develop and innovate to reach your highest potential. We build excellent relationships with our clients and work with you to ensure you are part of the process all the way.

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