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Brand start-up

Starting a new business & brand?

Unsure what to do with your new business idea?

We have extensive experience in new business ventures and turning ideas into reality.

What's included:


A brand positioning strategy 

We will create brand associations in customers’ minds to make them perceive the brand in a specific way

Fully Comprehensive Brand Strategy

Full Brand Identity

Social Media Management

Website Creation

Ideal Customer Analysis

We will specify why this customer is right for your business

Target Market Strategy 

We will create how can you target this ideal customer effectively

And so much more..

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Creative Design

Brand rescue

Is your brand struggling?


Are you trying to fight back from the Covid-19 phase?


Are you trying to find new ways to innovate and beat the competition?

Kazu will give you step-by-step guidance & strategies to help you thrive!

Whats Included:


Business Analysis

Online Analysis Weaknesses and strengths online

Analysis of all current Branding materials

 Analysis of current brand strategy and guidelines

Customer Segmentation

Target Market Strategy 

Social Media Management

Social Media Content

And so much more..

Brand boost

Want to take your brand to the next level?!


Are you thinking about giving your business the boost it requires?


KAZU will give you insights and strategies to help you grow!

A few examples of our previous Brand Boosts Goals..


- Drive sales.

- Boost followers.

- Boost engagement.

- Drive traffic to your website.

- Increase awareness of certain products or services.

What's Included:

Business Analysis


A comprehensive analysis of your business to better understand your business as a whole

And so much more..

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Lets talk about your next Business Project

About Us

We’re a Sussex based full service creative agency which means we can tackle any aspect of your business, whether you have been established for 50 years or are wanting to launch a new brand we can help you develop and innovate to reach your highest potential. We build excellent relationships with our clients and work with you to ensure you are part of the process all the way.

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