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ParaSure Organics

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Parasure Organics was created by the parent company Parasure who are one of the leading distributor of decontamination consumables used globally.


Parasure Organics is a unique and innovative company that was formulated to provide an environmentally friendly product that is efficacious against the spread of contagious diseases and stopping the spread from multiple different sources, including people, surfaces the environment, and other locations.

Following the Global Pandemic of Covid-19 there is a heightened awareness of the need for personal protection and a peace of mind in sanitising efficiently and effectively. These products were formulated to provide an environmentally friendly product which is efficacious against the spread of contagious diseases and stopping the spread from multiple different sources, including people, surfaces the environment and other locations. The ParaSure self protect pack is practical, offering quality organic products to keep you and the environment safe. Don’t leave home without it!

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ParaSure Organics x Website Design

We worked with ParaSure Organics to design a website which reflected the mission behind the brand. 

Focusing on the organic aspect we designed a clean and modern website which incorporated various organic aspects whilst show casting ParaSure Organics products in a unique way.

The important of the natural elements in the website design was important and we portrayed that through the site.

The site was created to be an online shop which was split into two main shop sections, Sanitise and Home. 

Check out our work and follow the link below.

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BWA YACHT x ParaSure Organics


We created a deluxe leaflet for ParaSure Organics catered towards BWA yachting, who are one of the leading companies in super yacht charters.


The leaflet was designed to show cast ParaSure Organics new organic range of sanitising and decontamination products. The four page leaflet needed to include all the important aspects of the products, business and relate to the target client brief.

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ParaSure Organics x Self Protect 


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We created a unique leaflet for Parasure Organics which was based around their new innovative PS19 range. The leaflet was double sided to utilise all the information needed to inform the audience about the products and their amazing benefits, whilst showing how and where they can be used.

"ParaSure have recently developed a unique travel pack to ensure you stay safe throughout every aspect of your daily life. The new Self Protect pack consists of a 100 ml sanitising surface spray, a 100 ml hand sanitising balm and a bamboo cloth all in a compact travel muslin bag. The Self protect pack is an essential necessity on your commute to work, at school or college, at the gym, on a plane, bus or train and in any environment where protection against contamination is needed."

ParaSure Organics x Compliment Slips 


ParaSure Organics required compliment slips to be included in orders, shipments, introduction packs and many more areas.

Our design process allows us to work with our clients to ensure we are working to the brief and allow as many revisions as possible. With this process we can create any marketing material needed for you and your business.

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ParaSure Organics x Social Media Package

ParaSure Organics had previously never used social media for their business but it is a vital aspect in growing any business online.

Our social media service initially started with a social media set up with an analysis of the type of content we were going to post. We then went on to create a custom social 

 for ParaSure Organics to ensure that they were getting the best results possible.​

The custom social media package including: 

- Social Media Content Creation

- Social Media Management 

- Social Media Marketing & Strategy