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Using Nature and Openness as a remedy for Male Mental Health.

We wanted to create an environment for men to feel safe speaking about themselves, the types of issues they face on a daily basis and how they cope with these problems. We use nature, natural methods and openness to encourage all males to talk to strangers, friends and families whilst on these outdoor nature activities.


​The meaning for Kazu Buoys is to get men to open up to like minded men who are or have also suffered in silence, are wanting to escape from the modern world, or need a moment to relax their mind and body.


We have seen an increase in the need for men to open up about themselves but it is still difficult to do so for a number of reasons.


Kazu Buoys is an environment where similar men understand the pain you are going through and want to help one another so that we can tackle the issues of male mental health one step at a time.


​We support all life and know suicide isn't just an issue in men but all genders.


But as organisation which has been impacted heavily by male mental health we have decided to focus on men's mental health but will always support all areas of mental health in any gender.​If you would like to speak to us please contact us and we would love to speak to you.

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Image by Steven Kamenar

Helping men who are suffering in silence

Initially aimed at focusing on the importance of cold water swimming and its positive impacts on our mental and physical state.


We came up with the name Kazu Buoys as this was a water related organisation designed for men to talk openly about their mental health. Cold water swimming has been proven to help the mental state and with role models such as Wim Hof these methods can be put in place effectively. ​


Although we understand not everyone would like to swim in cold water, or may struggle swimming. We aimed the organisation on the natural world we live in.


Kazu Buoys is based on embracing nature and how it relaxes the mind and can provide some form of meditation.


​We know it may be difficult to organise meetings and events with the current situations that have happened in 2020, so this is why we welcome all males to the crew to encourage friends, families, co workers to spend some time in nature either walking, running, swimming in any way and being open with one another to make talking about your mental health easier.​


All of the Kazu Buoys around the UK will host various types of outdoor meetings in and around nature and when the time is right we can host larger events and discussions to socialise with one another and tackle to impacts of male mental health together.

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